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What is a virus?

A computer virus is a users nightmare. There are many ways to get infected, such as Email, Social Networking Sites, Peer to Peer networks, Clicking on Ads and so on. Once a virus is a hold of your computer it can spread throughout your local network infection other systems in your home or office. Viruses can be embedded into images, videos and executable programs.

Which Anti-Virus is the best one to use?

There are a lot of different Anti-Virus software out there today. However, we have found that all of them work with your system in different ways. Norton for instance uses a large number of your system resources which really slows your computer down significantly. We recommend using AVG Anti-Virus to protect your computer from pesky Viruses. AVG won't slow your computer down and doesn't cost a fortune to own. More importantly AVG will give you the protection that you need from those unwanted viruses.

What causes a Hard Drive to fail or go bad?

Your Hard Drive is a very sensitive component on your computer. If your computer is dropped, bumped, or turned off while performing an important process or update the Hard drive will sometimes tend to fail. Hard Drives are made up of moving parts that suffer from normal wear and tear, which means eventually your Hard Drive is bound to crash or stop working. Although, just because you are no longer able to boot to the Hard Drive doesn't mean that your data is forever lost. It may be possible to retrieve your data by connecting it externally.

Do we work on printers?

We do not work on printers. If your printers is broken then it will usually cost you more to get it fixed than it would to go and buy a brand new one. However, we will install and setup your printer for you if you decide to buy a new one.

How does a Virus get on to my computer?

Believe it or not a Virus doesn't actually just appear on to a computer. A Virus has to be downloaded from a source in order for it to exist on your system. A Virus is usually attached to an unsafe video, website, link, or file. A Virus can't replicate itself so once it's removed there will be no trace of it.

How do I keep my computer from overheating?

If your computer seems to be getting hotter than it should, one of the reasons might be due to a large collection of dust built up inside of the computer's case. It's a good idea to take a can of compressed air and blow out dirt and dust inside of your computer every few months. Just be sure not to hold the compressed air upside down when spraying the computer. The substance inside the can could spray out wich could damage your computer.

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